Emergency Management

For Ambulance, Police or Fire
Dial 911


OEM Coordinator:
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Deputy OEM Coordinator: 
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Emergency Management Operations Plan, Rockleigh Borough

       Rockleigh Borough maintains an approved, up-to-date Emergency Management Operations Plan. The plan is available for inspection in the Borough Clerk's office at Borough Hall.

       Under the New Jersey Emergency Management Act (NJS App. 9-40 et. seq.), all government jurisdictions in New Jersey are required to have an active Emergency Management Program. In Bergen County this office is under the Chief of the County Police, who by County Charter is the County Emergency Management Coordinator, is the lead agency for emergency activities.

       As part of the statutory requirements, all jurisdictions are required to formulate and submit for County and State approval comprehensive emergency operations plans. Governmental plans are certified for a four (4) year period and must be revised and resubmitted for approval. In 1992, only 17% of the municipal plans were approved. Rockleigh's Plan was approved by the State of New Jersey in 1994, 1998 and 2002.

       Rockleigh Emergency Management Organization formulates response plans to large-scale emergencies such as mass casualty incidents, large scale fires, losses of utilities, and large traffic disruptions. The plans are updated based on new information received from exercises or actual occurrences. 

       As part of the contract between Rockleigh Borough and the Bergen County Police Department,  B.C.P.D. regularly responds to large scale incidents in Rockleigh. At these incidents, representatives from Bergen County OEM either assist municipal OEM coordinators or coordinate response of emergency equipment for multi-jurisdictional emergencies. 

       Prevention activities include guidance in hazard mitigation projects, a county wide committee on identifying mitigation projects and fire prevention duties for county facilities accomplished through the County Fire Marshal. The County OEM also provides regular training to emergency management officials and responders from the police, fire, public works and emergency medical services. Minimizing the effect of emergencies is accomplished through planning, coordination, training and proper public information.

       Recovery is an important aspect of emergency management that is addressed on various levels through this office. The multi-jurisdictional and multi-disciplined approach to emergency management has paid dividends. As the numbers of emergency volunteers are declining and other governmental resources are not limitless, coordination of these resources becomes more essential during large emergencies. 


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