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The Record  

Monday, September 1, 2003


Par: 3  /  Handicap: 7

Black Tee: 232
White  Tee: 202
Gold Tee: 175
Red Tee: 145


Does not reflect recent changes in tees, bunkers, swales & greens.
How to play it

1. "This was a pivotal hole for the 2003 Bergen Amateur, Ladies, and Senior championships. The course booklet warns to use extra club because the hole is "longer than it looks." That's not the case according to veteran player Bob Chorey, who advises to "play in front of the pin. The green slopes up hill to the back and drops off into heavy rough in the back. It's protected by three bunkers, which are guarded by heavy grass as well. If you miss, you want to miss short and straight in front of the green." To play in front, hit the long iron instead of the 3-wood.

2. "If you have to chip onto the green, allow the green's uphill slope to work for you. Hit the ball with plenty of loft to behind the pin and let the slope bring your ball back within 5 feet for the easy par putt.

3. "There is slight undulation on the green from left to right. If the ball is far behind the pin, then there will be a severe downhill slope that also will move. From anywhere else on the green, you'll face little break, and maybe none at all."

- Shane Figueroa
Staff Writer
The Record
Copyright 2003 North Jersey Media Group Inc.

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Rockleigh - Bergen County Golf Course

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