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Jacob Haring House
c. 1820, 1865


When Jacob Haring married Carrie Christie in 1859, Nicholas Haring, gave his son a small two-room dwelling that was built c.1820 and stood on Haring lands. Enlarged about 1865, elements of the Greek Revival and Victorian styles are evident in both interior framing and exterior trim work.  A small 19th century barn contemporary with the house is sited at the rear.

Proposed BCHS Marker

 Site No. 26 

2 Rockleigh Road


Haring Family


        The main unit is a two story frame farmhouse with  clapboard siding. The original 1820 section was a small three-bay 1 story two-room dwelling that was enlarged to its present appearance about 1865. The gable roof extends over the front side porch which is supported by wooden posts. Elements of the Greek Revival and Victorian styles are evident in the interior framing and exterior trim work. 

The Jacob N. Haring House
Probably Jacob N. Haring (seated on porch), Frank Van Blarcom, Effie & Haring Sisters
Frank Van Blarcom pulling Gertrude Van Blarcom in wagon.

Photograph likely by Harvey Conklin,  c.1909

          The interior plan is of a narrow center-hall construction with one room on each side of he hall. The first floor includes living room, dining room and hall. There are four bedrooms and bath on the second floor. A rear porch was enclosed and turned into the present kitchen. A small screened porch has been added on the northeast side of the house toward the barn. 

          Some older structural methods have been used. The original board flooring exists throughout the first and second floors. The interior walls are plastered. The house is in good condition. 

          A small barn has been converted into a garage at the rear of the house. A small corn crib is still extent on the rear property. The house is sited in a westerly direction on about 14 acres of land.

          From the 1930's through 1986 Gordon Hutcheon and his wife Gertrud, a Haring descendent, lived in the house. Gordon Hutcheon was  Mayor of Rockleigh for 40 years from 1942 to 1982.

 People Who Lived There 


c.1820- c.1914

Jacob N. Haring  (1839-1914) & Caroline Christie (1840->1920)

c.1914- 1922

Frank Van Blarcom (1880-1909) & Effie Haring-Van Blarcom (c. 1880-1922)

1922- c.1930

? Clarence Van Blarcom
Gertrude Van Blarcom-Hutcheon 

c.1930- c.1986

Gordon Hutcheon (1909-1994, 40-yr Mayor) &
Gertrude Van Blarcom-Hutcheon

c.1990 - 

Peter & Roberta Adams, owners


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Bergen County Historic Sites Survey, Borough of Rockleigh. 1981-1982.
Bergen County Office of Cultural and Historic Affairs, Hackensack, NJ

Compiled by E. W. April, 2002