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Gesner-Conklin Burying Ground
 c. 1788


John Henry Gesner, one of the first settlers in this area, set aside a burying ground when his wife, Famicha, died.  The site passed to Gesner's daughter, Elizabeth, and her husband, 2nd Jacob Conklin

John Henry Gesner (1724-1811)  &  wife Famicha Brower (1722-1788)
Cornelius Gesner (1761-1790)  &  sister Famicha Gesner (1757-1821)
nd Jacob Conklin (1743-1827)  &  wife Elizabeth Gesner (1745-1825)
rd Jacob Conklin (1766-1811)  &  wife Mary Quidor (1774-1838)
Famicha Conklin (1773-1845)  & husband 1
st David Conklin (1772-1852)
 David Conklin (1793-1840)  &  sister Phebe Conklin (1801-1827)
Elenor Cooper (1763-1813)                              Four infant graves

Proposed BCHS Marker

 Site No. 7 

42 Piermont Road


Gesner Family

Conklin Family

          The extensive John Henry Gesner homestead was located on land that would later lie to the east side of  Carterette Road (later upper Piermont Road) between Willow Road and the New York border. The Burying Ground is a plot sized approximately 20 x 30 feet. It is located at the south rear of the James Gowdy House. The burying-ground is in a wooded area and is in fair condition. 

          The burying ground set aside by John Henry Gesner, possibly when his wife died in 1788 but probably upon the much earlier death of a child. The burying ground was used by his son-in-law, the second Jacob Conklin in 1796, for burials of both families until 1852. The graves were chronicled by a Mr. Winthrop Gilman at the end of the 19th Century as "eleven well-marked graves, all the stones standing erect except that of Elenor Cooper, which his broken and lies in a hollow." He diagramed the burying-ground and photographed it. Unfortunately, only the stones of Jacob Conklin and Elenor Cooper and pieces of Mary Quidor survive.

John Naefie and W.B. Van Alstine: Proceedings of the 
New Jersey Historical Society
, 1912-1913, p23.

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Anton Temple Gesner: The Gesner Family. 1912

          There are seventeen (17) graves recorded by Mr. Winthrop Sargent Gilman:


3rd Jacob Conklin 

Husband of 
Mary Quidor
grandson of John Gesner
b. 1766 - d. June 22, 1811
age 44 yr, 1 mo, 11 days

Elizabeth Gesner

Wife of 
2nd Jacob Conklin 
b. 1745 - d. Aug. 8, 1825
age 79 yrs, 8mo, 2 days

2nd Jacob Conklin

Husband of Elizabeth
son-in-law John Gesner
b. 1743 - d. Feb. 21, 1827
age 83 yr, 9 days

Elenor Cooper

b. 1763 - d. Dec. 25, 1813
age 50 yr, 10 mo, 2 day

(lived with Conklins)


John Henry Gesner

Husband of 
Famiche Brower
b.May 24, 1724
d. July 6, 1811
age 87 yr, 1 mo, 11 days 

Famiche Brower

Wife of 
John H. Gesner
b .1722, 
d. Feb 10, 1788
age 66

Cornelius Gesner

Son of 
John & Famiche
b. Feb. 1, 1761
d. Sept 7, 1790
age 29 years

 1st David Conklin*

Husband of 
Famicha Conklin
b. Ju.l. 31, 1772
m. 1792
d. 1851/2

hebe Conklin

Wife of 
Jesse Trenchard
Daughter of 
Famiche & David Conklin
b. Jan. 24, 1801 
d. Mar. 30, 1827
age 25 yr, 2 mo, 6 days

amicha Gesner

Wife of 
Peter Willsey
b. 1759 - d. Feb 9, 1821
age 62 yr, 10 mo, 9 day


David Conklin

Son of 
Famiche & David Conklin
Brother of Phoebe Conklin-Trenchard
b. Apr. 15, 1793 
d. Jan. 23, 1840
46 yr, 9 mo, 15 days

amicha Conklin*

Wife of 
David Conklin
dau of 2nd Jacob Conklin
b.Feb. 18, 1773
d. 1845/6


Two small stones for Peter Conklin (P.C.) and Rachael Conklin (R.C.), children of 3rd Jacob Concklin and Mary Quidor.

Two small stones for infant children of David Concklin.

Mary Quidor

wife of 
3rd Jacob Conklin
b. Mar 19, 1774
d. Jan 6, 1838
age 63 yr, 9 mo, 17 days


*   These graves, not marked but with rough stones present, may have been  set aside for David and Fanicha Conklin, explaining Mary Quidor's grave outside the wall.


From Gillman's diagram of the Gesner-Conklin Burying Ground.
Winthrop Gilman: Local History, p. 77. 
Bergen County Historical Society, River Edge, NJ.

      Antone Temple Gesner photographed in 1912 the stones of John Gesner and his wife Famiche*. In addition there were two small brown stones for infant children of the 3rd Jacob and Mary Conklin. One marked "P.C." for Peter Conklin and the other "R.C." for Rachel Conklin*.

*Anthon Temple Gesner: The Gesner Family, 1912.

      Two small stones, not marked at all, were two infant children of David and Famicha Conklin. One rough stone (not marked) for David Conklin Sr who died in 1851 or 1852 and another rough stone for David Sr.'s wife Famicha who died in 1845 or 1846.**

**John Neafie and W.B. VanAlstyne, Proceedings of the 
New Jersey Historical Society, 1912-1913, page 23.


1st David Conklin (1772-1852) son of Abraham (1725-78 through Matthew - Philipsberg until 1750 to Tappan-  Deliverance, John)., m. Phebe Conklin 1792.


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Written and compiled by E. W. April, 2002