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Albert (Abraham) Cooper House
c. 1827 
& Site of Blacksmith Shop

Built about 1827 by Albert (Abraham) "Obb" Cooper. Small wing added at later date, but both sections reveal the Dutch architectural heritage in roof slope and overhang. Erected on land inherited by his wife, Mary Ann Concklin, from Jacob Concklin Jr. Cooper was a blacksmith and his shop once stood north of the house. This homestead was owned by Cooper heirs until 1946.

BCHS Marker

 Site No. 14 

35 Rockleigh Road


The Cooper Family

The Conklin Family

          The circa 1823-1827 section is a 1 story three-bay gable-roof clapboard structure with curved overhangs. The interior floor plan shows evidence of a narrow side hall construction. There is a living room and smaller bedroom on the main floor with garret above which has been finished into one large bedroom with half-bath. A smaller wing of similar construction was added to the north side of the original section shortly after the original was built. This section was altered into one large open room  and by the addition of a half story with shed dormer.

Albert Cooper House
Photo circa 1973

           Some interior framing of the house is Federal style. The interior walls of the original sections are plastered. 

         An additional wing was added to the rear in the early 1980's  and another in the Dutch style with porches to the north in the mid 1990's.The house, generally rectangular in shape,  faces in an easterly direction and is located on a knoll on the west side of upper Rockleigh Road. 

         There is a small late 19th century-style barn to the rear of the house as well as a fine example of a two-seat "necessary house". The dwelling and barn in are good condition.



Albert Cooper House
Photo 2004

 People who Lived There 


c.1827 - c.1892

Albert Cooper (1804-1867) & Mary Ann Conklin-Cooper (1803-c.1892)

c. 1867 - ?

James P. Cooper (1844 - ) & Sarah Ann Concklin-Cooper

c.1900's - ? 

Munson Family




Dr York Family


Henry Tafaro Family


Dr Jeffrey Bruce Family

 Map References 

Harrington Township (1876)

Mrs. M.A. Cooper

Beers (1891)

Mrs. Cooper


Bergen County Historic Sites Survey, Borough of Rockleigh. 1981-1982.
Bergen County Office of Cultural and Historic Affairs, Hackensack, NJ

Compiled by E. W. April, 2002