"The Rockleigh Borough, NJ, National Historic District is unique in having been shaped by the history of the area, dating from well before the Revolutionary War. Rockland (Old Closter, East Northvale, Rockleigh) comprised a group of Dutch Colonial farmsteads along what is now Rockleigh Road, that wound across the Palisades Ridge to connect the fertile Northern Valley with Snedens Landing on the Hudson River."



"The Historic value of an area rarely begins
with one single event, and this covert, wooded and
unique community is no exception to that rule." 



"If you search for an event of particular significance you
probably will not fine one, but tarry with us awhile
d we will take you back to a heritage rich in
color and strong in spirit.".


The Colonial Era The Federal Period The 20thCentury
Historic Sites Early Settlers Walking Tour
  Rockleigh Atlas  



"A certain timelessness exists in all rural areas...






...but the past and present invariably mingle 
and take task of change together."


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The Rockleigh 50th Anniversary Committee

Dennis Shea, Councilman Chairman - Research
Elsie Hankins, Councilwoman Research
Angelo Picciotti, Councilman Research
Cathleen Heslin, Borough Historian Coordinated History
Frank Heilmann, VP Rockleigh Corperate Park Liaison


The Committee wishes to express its gratitude to the residents of Rockleigh Borough who contributed personal data, photos and memorabilia. 
We especially than Mrs. Gertrude Hutcheon. Miss Marietta Sneden, Mrs. Emily Kreeger, Miss Ruth Van Strum, Mr. Newton Sneden and Mr Herman Happel for the wealth of historic data and photos made available to us. 
We also thank Mr. Brogan and Mr. Stanley Radhuber for their invaluable technical assistance.

The publication of the Commemorative Booklet has been a joint effort, compiled in the spirit of good will between residential and commercial communities of Rockleigh Borough.
The data which is presented here has been obtained from authentic sources and highlights the true history of Rockleigh Borough.



This historical perspective of Rockleigh Borough is dedicated to the thoughtfully rich contributions and warm memories
of Kathleen Heslin (  - ) and her husband John Heslin (1927 -2001 )
each of whom was appointed, in succession, Historian of Rockleigh Borough.

Their home, the historic John A. Haring House, has been bequeathed to the New Jersey Historic Trust.

EW April, January 2002


The Colonial Era

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